A Mission Equipment Company

Kawak Aviation Technologies is a mission equipment company providing products and development services for aerial agriculture, helicopter firefighting, forestry, government, and commercial markets. Our products are engineered expressly to solve customer and industry needs,  increase performance and reliability, and help our customers win, meet, and keep contracts.

We offer products and services that increase customer revenue, improve safety, and substantially outlast and outperform the competition. Over the last several decades Kawak has built a reputation for accommodating fast-track development programs. These programs range from throttle quadrants for twin engine turbine aircraft to the development of the 1100hp VTOL systems for the Blue Devil II Airship.

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Progress Through Innovative Thinking

aviation products engineeringOur mission is to provide the aviation industry with innovative solutions that improve safety, performance, and productivity potential of our customers and their aircraft. This idea has been the foundation of our success in continually introducing innovative new product technology in aerial agriculture, helicopter firefighting, propulsion, motion control, and unmanned aviation systems for over 2 decades.

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