Aircraft Throttle Quadrants

Aircraft Throttle Quadrants

Our aircraft throttle quadrants are engineered expressly to solve customer and industry needs. Kawak quadrants utilize a positive engaging lever gate design ensuring maximal safety on the ground and in the air. To ensure lasting functionality and smooth operation, the highest quality materials, processes, and finishes are used in each quadrant we produce.

Kawak’s aircraft throttle quadrants are a compilation of all the experience and feedback we’ve gained since our first turbine engine conversion in 1994. Our first aircraft throttle quadrants were designed for our Thrush and Dromader aircraft conversions, and we now produce product lines for many aircraft types which require controls for Power, Propeller, and Condition functions.

Along with PMA approved quadrants Kawak also continues to develop single and twin engine aircraft throttle quadrants for applications where high quality, spacial accommodation, and guaranteed functionality are requirements. When designing new throttle quadrant variations Kawak works closely with our customers to ensure all design and regulatory requirements are met to achieve the desired product outcome.

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Throttle Quadrant Features and Benefits (General and PMA Products): 

  • Canted levers improve pilot control and reduce fatigue
  • Positive locking gates ensure ultimate safety of operation
  • Oil-impregnated lever bushings maximum wear resistance
  • Ceramic coating and Mil-spec hard anodize provide lasting corrosion protection
  • Stainless steel levers and riveted slides provide robust feel and ultimate strength
  • Phenolic bushings and fine-thread friction adjustment provide smooth lever actions
  • Multiple mounting provisions for maximum aircraft installation flexibility

Common aircraft models with 2-Lever Quadrant PMA approval: Click HERE to download brochure

  • TPE331-Converted Thrush models, STC# SA00172SE
  • TPE331-Converted Dromader models, STC# SA01361SE

Common aircraft models with 3-Lever Quadrant PMA approval: Click HERE to download brochure

  • Factory Air-Tractor models:  402, 502, 504, 602, 802 STC#SA02266SE
  • Factory Thrush models:  S2R, 510P, 510G, 550P, 710 STC#SA02266SE
  • PT6 Engine Driven Aircraft


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All components designed and built to provide the utmost in reliability and longevity. Manufactured in the USA under FAA/PMA approved quality control system, your satisfaction is guaranteed.