Hydraulic Systems and Components


Kawak auxiliary hydraulic systems and components are engineered and tested to extract the most potential out of your aircraft. Our customers experience improved safety, a product that substantially out performs and outlasts any other power option, and in result increases overall value putting money in our customers pocket. Kawak hydraulic products and components support agriculture, forestry, fire fighting, cargo aircraft, and military industries.

Our industry leading auxiliary hydraulic systems and components can be found internationally on aircraft including Bell, Kaman, Lama, Sikorsky, Boeing, McDonnell Douglas, Air Tractor, Thrush, Dromader, Ag-Cat and various other rotary and fixed-wing aircraft.

Follow the links below for our STC’d auxiliary hydraulic systems and components or contact us HERE to get more information on how we can help with your specific hydraulic power needs.

Kawak Auxiliary Hydraulic Systems and Components:

→ Air Tractor Auxiliary Hydraulics
→ Bell 206L Auxiliary Hydraulics
→ Bell OH58-206 Auxiliary Hydraulics
→ Bell UH-1H Auxiliary Hydraulics
→ Bell 212-412 Auxiliary Hydraulics
→ Kaman K-MAX Auxiliary Hydraulics
→ Lama Auxiliary Hydraulics
→ Sikorsky S-61 Auxiliary Hydraulics
Boom Valves for Agriculture
Chemical Pumps for Agriculture
→ Hydraulic Flow Controllers for Agriculture, Foresty, Firefighting
Hydraulic Control Valve Retrofit for Agriculture, Forestry, Firefighting


All components designed and built to provide the utmost in reliability and longevity. Manufactured under FAA/PMA approved quality control system, your satisfaction is guaranteed.