Aerial Firefighting Mission Equipment

Helicopter Firefighting Mission Equipment

Our Aerial firefighting products are engineered expressly to solve customer and industry needs. Kawak Helicopter fire products dramatically decrease hover refill times, increase reliability, and help our customers win, meet, and keep fire contracts.

Kawak provides high performance bucket and fixed tank hover refill pumps, fire tank door controls, High-flow inlet elbows, and certified fire tanks for Kaman K-MAX helicopters. Our refill pump solutions cover most helicopter models and provide up to 1150gpm 28vdc, 1600gpm 400Hz, and 2500gpm for hydraulic driven models. We further support these products with auxiliary hydraulic power packs for hydraulic pumps, high efficiency fixed tank elbow inlets, and firefighting equipment development services.

Our passion is to solve problems and create high performance solutions. We are commitment to the future of our aerial firefighting customers and their support.

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Kawak Aerial Firefighting Mission Equipment:

Helicopter bucket refill pumps 1150 to 2500gpm
900gpm 28vdc Hover Refill Pumps
2000gpm Hydraulic Hover Refill Pumps
Kaman K-MAX Firefighting System
High Flow Fire Tank Swivel Inlets