Lama Auxiliary Hydraulic System

Kawak Aviation Technologies designed this auxiliary hydraulic system to provide the highest output and most reliable auxiliary power source available for operating spray pumps and spinners on fertilizer buckets for the SA315B Lama.  The hydraulically-driven accessory drive system is a self-contained system that requires only power from the aircraft’s main drive shaft and electrical power for the operation of the proportional flow divider used to control the flow to the installed hydraulic accessory. Output is electronically controlled from the cockpit for precise in-flight fingertip adjustment.  The system is FAA certified under FAR 27 and fully disengages during other operations where auxiliary power is not required.

System Components and Features: STC #00739SE

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  • Cockpit Adjustable Flow Control
  • Simple Hydraulic Pump Driven Design
  • Reservoir
  • High System Output
  • Balanced Load Drive System
  • Quick disconnect fittings for fast and simple implement hook-up
  • Hydraulic Output……………………………14.5 GPM @ 2500 PSI

All components designed and built to provide the utmost in reliability and longevity. Manufactured under FAA/PMA approved quality control system, your satisfaction is guaranteed.