Kawak Services

Welcome to Kawak Aviation Technologies, Now in our 20th year, Kawak offers a full spectrum of disciplines from specialized engineering to production with a particular ability to accommodate fast track programs.  Kawak has remained an industry leader in electric and hydraulic actuators, high speed reduction gearboxes, agriculture aerial applications, precision agriculture, and helicopter firefighting systems.

Kawak Aviation has an on staff Designated Manufacturing Inspection Representative(DMIR) which translates into higher efficiency, ‘lower’ development cost and more Kawak product out the door. These key positions enable Kawak to autonomously develop, manufacture, and certify new products for the aviation industry with limited outside involvement. We are able to offer a large menu of items that we can be involved in including research and development on new products for other companies, engineering specific project requirements, consulting, specialty manufacting, and more.  Kawak’s experience and positive positioning with the FAA creates ease and viability for business with prime contractors for general aviation, UAV, and Defense.