Aerostructure and Testing Equipment

Kawak Aviation has the ability to design, engineer and manufacture anything from tiny nuts and bolts to large scale unique test rigs.

Here are some recent photos of a test rig Kawak built to test different Honeywell and Rolls Royce engine modifications for a client. With a sound proof , air conditioned cab, this test rig looks like something a high paid record producer would use.

Here you can see we have moved the test rig out to our local airport to run these engines without bothering our neighbors.

It was loaded on a flatbed and moved 5 miles east of our manufacturing facility and office space. The backdrop is miles of sky and the Cascades Mountain range. Not much to complain about.


Kawak designs and produces a broad range of aerostructure components that include tubular, sheet metal, and composite construction.

Kawak in its 20 years has fabricated a numerous configurations of aircraft engine mounts for the Honeywell TPE331, Pratt & Whitney PT6, and Rolls-Royce 250 series engines.

In addition to the fabrication of various aerostructures for its own products, Kawak also serves as a supplier able to provide contract work, short runs, and prototypes.

With an extensive inventory of rapidly configurable tooling, Kawak can respond with the timely delivery of first articles in support of fast track programs.

From large airship structures to small intricate parts, Kawak can provide consistent and timely manufactured products.  Kawak can supply individual parts through fully assembled and tested sub-assemblies with integrated systems.