Air Tractor Products


By most accounts it’s fair to say that Air Tractor founder Leland Snow did more to advance the ag aviation industry than any other single individual. Over the years Kawak, like Leland, has continually worked to advance the aftermarket Air Tractor products that enhance the value, performance, and revenue producing aspects of Air Tractor owners. Kawak’s mission is to continually provide the ag aviation industry with innovative, high quality solutions that outperform expectations, improve safety, and increase the revenue producing potential of our customers aircraft.

Kawak Aviation Technologies has had a long and strong relationship with Air Tractor, supplying parts and making modifications to various Air Tractor models. Kawak partnered with Air Repair in Mississippi to develop a system that combines the most advanced variable and constant rate  technology available today. This product has proven over the last ten years to save farmers on Inputs, time, money, and can be tailored to meet specific needs of applicators.

Kawak supports aerial agriculture aircraft with our throttle quadrants, auxiliary hydraulic systems, precision flow controls, chemical pumps, boom valves, hydraulic flaps, and aerial agriculture equipment development.

Follow the links below for a lineup of Air Tractor products and systems we have in stock or Click HERE to contact a Kawak representative for more information.

Air Tractor Products and Systems:

→  Air Tractor 802, 602, 502, 402 Auxiliary Hydraulic System
→  Reduction Gear Boxes
→  Throttle Quadrants
→  Hydraulic Chemical Pumps
→  Hydraulic Boom Valve
→  Hydraulic Control Valve Retrofit
→  Hydraulic Flow Controller