Bell Helicopter Products


Since being founded in 1935, Bell Helicopter has continued to set the pace and expand the scope of vertical lift aircraft. Over the years Kawak has continually worked to advance aftermarket Bell Helicopter mission equipment products that enhance the value, performance, and revenue producing aspects of Bell helicopters. Kawak’s mission is to continually provide the helicopter aviation industry with innovative, high quality extreme performing solutions, that improve safety, and increase the revenue producing potential of our customers aircraft.

Kawak has been retrofitting and modifying Bell aircraft with our mission equipment products for over a decade. The addition of our product and system upgrades provides versatility, reliability, and dramatically improved performance in agriculture, forestry, and firefighting industries. Kawak supports Bell aircraft with our auxiliary hydraulic systems, 900-2000gpm hover refill pumps, high efficiency fixed tank elbow inlets, precision flow controls, chemical pumps, boom valves, and Bell Helicopter mission equipment development.

Follow the links below to explore our Bell Helicopter specific products that will increase reliability, productivity, and performance or contact us HERE to get more information on how we can help with your specific needs.

Bell Helicopter Products:

Bell 206L Auxiliary Hydraulic System
Bell OH-58/206 Auxiliary Hydraulic System
Bell UH-1 Auxiliary Hydraulic System
Bell 212/412 Auxiliary Hydraulic System
Hydraulic Control Valve Retrofit (Existing Systems)
Hydraulic Flow Controller
Hydraulic Hover Refill Pump
28vdc Electric Hover Refill Pump
Hydraulic Boom Valve
Hydraulic Chemical Pump
High Flow Fire Tank Swivel Inlets