Kawak High Speed Reduction Gearboxes

Kawak designs and manufactures a variety of specialized gearboxes for its FAA approved products as well as on contract for other applications covering a wide range of aircraft used in all types of the aviation industry. These gearboxes are used to transmit power from the accessory drive pads of turbine engines and helicopter transmissions to auxiliary devices such as hydraulic pumps and generators.

When coupled with one of Kawak’s FAA approved hydraulic systems, the Kawak gearboxes provide power for attached or suspended implements used in all forms of the aviation industry. The following are several examples of the aircraft applications currently using Kawak gearboxes and FAA approved hydraulic systems.

Features and Benefits: pdf

  • Airplane and helicopter chemical spray systems
  • Helicopter forestry equipment
  • Helicopter hover refill pump systems
  • Helicopter fire tank control systems
  • Aircraft air conditioner systems
  • Airplane auxiliary 400Hz generator drives
  • Airplane and helicopter hydraulic winch drives
  • Twin engine aircraft with tandem systems combine to produce double the power output

Kawak gearboxes can be found on many aircraft throughout the aviation industry including the B234 Chinook, K-Max K-1200, Sikorsky S61 ,  Bell 206L, 212, 412, UH-1H, OH-58 helicopters as well as the Air Tractor 502, 602 and 802, PT-6 Thrush, Cessna C208 Caravan, Cresco, and Basler BT-67 conversion for the DC-3.

System Components and Features:

  • Mounts to supplemental drive pad on engine’s transmission
  • Gearbox is independent of the engine via a shear coupling between the transmission and the gearbox
  • Self-contained lubrication system does not share oil from transmission
  • Gears are designed and manufactured to AGMA Class 10 or better for smooth operation and long life
  • High technology, precision, deep groove bearings provide for a high TBO


GEARBOX MODEL 35003-401 35475-401 36009-401 36009-403 37610-401
GEAR RATIO 1.72 : 1 3.18 : 1 2.14 : 1 2.14 : 1 2 : 1
POWER OUTPUT 33 HP 30 HP 25 HP 50 HP 40 HP