Our mission at Kawak is to continually provide the aviation industry with innovative, high quality solutions that outperform expectations, improve safety, and increase the productivity potential of our customers and their aircraft. That said, It’s important to us to hear back from our customers now and then so that we know we are achieving our mission. This page is dedicated to sharing a few of those successes. Thank you Kawak customers for your feedback!

Heinen Brothers Agra Services, Seneca KA

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Heinen Bros“I’ve been in this business for 42 years, and have had my left hand on literally thousands of Quadrants. The T3 is a pilots dream come true! I’ve never seen anything as smooth and comfortable, not to mention the safety aspect. Here at Heinen Brothers Agra Services we have them on our two new 802’s, and are planning on installing them on our five 502’s. I appreciate Kawak’s efforts to build and improve products for our industry!   Keep up the good work!”

Jim Uselton
Chief Pilot
Heinen Brothers Agra


Ventura County Fire Department , Ventura CA

Hi Mike, (Kawak President, Mike Reightley)
I hope this email finds you well.  As you probably know, we have yet to experience an actual WINTER down here in So Cal.  The Santa Ana’s have blown every week for a month, and our fuel moisture numbers are at the same levels we had in August!  This has resulted in several brush fire responses, and some action for your pump! I have forwarded some images of one of the recent fires, and shot #1421 clearly shows the Kawak pump, swinging proudly below Copter 6.

Thanks again for the continued use of your pump. ”  It has performed flawlessly!  We have, once again, submitted a request for the purchase of (1) pump in this year’s budget.”  We’ll have to see what happens.

Captain Chris Dumbauld
Ventura County Fire Department


Wildcat Helicopters , West Kelowna, BC







“Wildcat Helicopters was the first company worldwide to fill a 369 gallon Firefighting Heli Tank consistently, and from any water source, using an electric hover refill pump and Kawak made it possible. It has opened the doors to Wildcat becoming a top contracted helicopter service provider for aerial firefighting in the Canadian and Australian markets.  We have been consistently adding units over the years, with four additional units added for the 2012 season. The customer service, ingenuity and overall satisfaction of Kawak Aviation’s systems gives Wildcat the confidence to remain a dedicated and loyal customer. “

Ian Wilson
Vice President Operations



15A_0902 copy
Bend, Oregon – November 1, 2012- Kawak Aviation Technologies, Inc., with the support of Precision Conversions, LLC of Beaverton, Oregon, proudly announces that it has been granted FAA/PMA approval to manufacture  the hydraulic actuators utilized on the Precision Conversions B757-200PCF freighter conversion.  In addition, Kawak will offer rebuild services for the actuators to owners and operators of the cargo door system as authorized under FAA Part 43.3 Subpart J and 43.7.

Kawak Aviation Technologies, will provide customers with components rebuilt to the original type design specifications, fully tested, and supplied with FAA 8130-3 airworthiness approval documents.  The actuator rebuild program is part of Kawak’s ongoing commitment to support Precision Conversions and their customers with both high quality hydraulic components and aftermarket support.

Brian McCarthy, Precision Conversions Vice President of Marketing and Sales said, “We are delighted that Kawak has received PMA approval for the hydraulic actuators.”  He added, “Kawak has been an extremely reliable long-term partner for Precision and we are confident our customer base will be pleased with the high level of support they offer.”

Brian McCarthy
Vice President of Marketing and Sales.