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Our Mission
To continually provide the aviation industry with innovative, high quality solutions that outperform expectations, improve safety, and increase the productivity potential of our customers and their aircraft.

Who We Are
Headquartered in Bend, OR., Kawak Aviation Technologies is a mission equipment aviation company offering a full spectrum of product research, development & integration, engineering, and production services built around a reputation for accommodating fast-track development programs. Our development programs range from the complexity of 1100HP turbine vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) systems for the largest Unmanned Vehicle in the world to the design and manufacture of simpler yet critical flight controls for turbine engine aircraft. Our company manufactures and fully supports many STC’d mission equipment product lines and is known as an industry leading mission equipment supplier in helicopter firefighting systems, aerial agriculture, propulsion systems, motion control, flight control products, auxiliary power, and precision agriculture power systems.

Kawak Aviation is headed by company founders Michael R. Reightley and Douglas A. Sawyer. Following the lead of the company founders, Reliability and strong commitment to excellence by our employees is the foundation on which Kawak Aviation is built. Every one of Kawak Aviation’s staff from our founders, to our engineers, and all the manufacturing talent take immense pride in being a part of every Kawak product from conception to reaching the end customers hands.

Who We Are in Aerial Firefighting Mission Systems 

Kawak Aviation entered the helicopter firefighting arena by producing 900-2000gpm hover refill options for 28vdc electric and hydraulic driven hover pumps. Kawak has developed hydraulic fire tank door controls for two configurations of the Sikorsky S-61 helicopter and certified a riveted aluminum fire tank for the Kaman  K-1200 K-MAX helicopter. The  K-MAX heli-tanker features the exclusive Kawak Aviation designed 700-gallon fixed-tank system. Kawak supports helicopter firefighting currently with our 900, 1400, and 2000gpm hover pump options, hydraulic power packs for hydraulic pump options, high efficiency fixed tank elbow inlets, and firefighting equipment development.

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Who We Are in the Unmanned Aviation Vehicle Sector 

Considering extensive knowledge and experience in propulsion and motion control, Kawak earned the award of subcontractor to Prime Contractor Mav6 to develop the Blue Devil Airship. Kawak designed and supplied the 1100 HP VTOL and 450 HP lateral propulsion systems for the MAV6, Blue Devil II airship. The initial contract was for design and delivery of VTOL engine assemblies, VTOL fuel systems, and an engine test rig. As the project progressed Kawak was awarded the contracts for the, LTS, VGB, PSRU, and turbine pylon structures.The project took only 16 months for Kawak to finish including manufacturing of the very unique and specific test rig for the turbine engines.

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Who We Are in Agriculture Mission Systems 

Utilizing decades of experience in the fluid power industry kawak created the first electro-proportional auxiliary hydraulic power system for spray equipment on agricultural aircraft. Kawak partnered with Air Repair in Mississippi to develop a system that combines the most advanced variable and constant rate  technology available today. This FAA STC certified product has been proven over 10 years to save farmers on Inputs, time, money, and can be tailored to meet specific needs of applicators and in turn growers. Kawak supports aerial agriculture with our throttle quadrants, auxiliary hydraulic systems, precision flow controls, chemical pumps, boom valves, hydraulic flaps, and aerial agriculture equipment development.

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