Kawak Aviation’s Support and Staff

In today’s competitive market, exceptional customer support is the key to your success. Kawak Aviation’s staffs, including the President, Director of Operations, engineers, head of sales, marketing, and all the manufacturing talent on the floor, all take pride in being a part of every Kawak product that leaves the warehouse. Reliability and strong commitment to excellence by our employees is the foundation on which Kawak Aviation is built.

Kawak works to ensure our inventory stock of specialized parts which support our quality products and this in-turn keeps your income producing aircraft working effectively and efficiently. Our inventory is constantly monitored and replenished to help ensure our clients can repair their aircraft before they become AOG. (aircraft on ground)

Kawak Aviation employs a team of talented engineers and machinists on hand to answer your questions concerning installation, performance, and maintenance.  Our entire staff is committed to supporting the needs of our customers and their varied needs within the aviation industry; whether you are an owner, operator, or large agency.